Travell to Spain

Buying property in Spain is a profitable investment. Generally, clients will fly to Spain to see their choice in properties before making a final decision. Marbella Project will help plan your trip and your accomodation in Spain.


Our services include:

  • Arranging your travel plans
  • Transfering you to and from the airport to your selected accomodation
  • Organising car rentals
  • Booking accomodation of your choice
  • Arranging property viewings
  • We recommend excellent restaurants based on the taste preferences and interesting things to see and do
  • Confirming your flight departure and checking you in

Marbella Project will tailor our search for property to meet your specific needs, such as:

  • Rent or buy in your ideal location
  • Proximity to the sea, schools, restaurants, shops etc
  • Furnished ot unfurnished
  • Sea and/ or mountain views
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Size of the property

View all potential properties  with a qualified real estate professional, who is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian. We are able to show you privately owned properties or developments.


If you wish we can help arrange personalised excursions on your behalf. We have a number of travel contacts with whom we can put together travel packages depending on what you are interested in seeing and doing. We can recommend a number of wonderful places worth seeing and fascinating excursions.

Cultural and historical attractions

Here are just some of the incredible excursions we can arrange for you.

  • Gibralter sightseeing and/ or shopping tour
  • Tangler tour by ferry
  • Marbella: Guided bicycle tour (Culture, history and tradition)
  • Codoba tour from Torremolinos, Marbella Estepona
  • Tour of Malaga/ Seville/ Grenada/ Ronda from Costa del Sol (Culture, history and tradition)
  • Stand up paddle sunset tour of marbella
  • Wine tasting and tapas tours
  • Trips to Morocco