Property for rent

Spain is famous for its high quality of life, healthy food, developed infrastructure and warm climate. Many people come here to relax, work and/or study and rent property (townhouses, apartments, villas, etc.), both short and long term.

Marbella Project Group provides a range of high quality services for renting property in Spain, from a quick search and selection of properties to the preparation of documents and signing of the contract. We help our clients find their perfect place!


Specificity of renting

  1. In most cases, renting a property is the most economical option if your stay in Spain is temporary. Also renting (short or long-term) gives you more freedom, so you do not have to rely on hotels.
  2. You tend the find the most affordable rentals in the South of Spain, but it is extremely hot in this area over the summer months. The most expensive rentals are in Catalonia area. The average cost of renting an apartment in Spain is between 400-600 euros per week, and villa’s are between 600-1500 euros per week.
  3. Marbella Project Group have a variety of beautiful aprtments, villas, townhouses, penthouses to suit all needs. All our properties have been viewed persaonally by a member of our team and photo’s we have online are current.

We aim to help all our clients save not only time but also money. You will always deal with a professional who will help you from start to finish to find your perfect place in any region of the country, this includes all the administration involved.


The process of renting property


Once the the lease agreement has been concluded you are required to present a passport and valid visa. We at Marbella Project will handle this all for you, we will contact the landlord and send them all the necessary documents.


Like with most rentals you are required to pay a deposit. If you take on short term rental (anything from one to several weeks), the deposit is usually 10% of the rental cost. For long term rentals (6-12 months) the deposit required varies, but tends to be between 1 to 3 of monthly payments for property you’ve chosen. Your deposit is refundable in full after the expiration of the contract and provided that there are no major damages.