Legal support

Marbella Project offers a wide range of services for organization and legal support of transactions in Spain. Any manipulation of the real estate associated with signing contracts and other documentation, must be carried out strictly in the presence of counsel.


When you need legal assistance

Qualified legal staff is available for during:

  • transactions of purchase and sale;
  • registration of ownership;
  • obtaining a residence permit in Spain;
  • short or long-term rentals agreements and transactions
  • obtaining a mortgage to purchase property in the country
  • pre-trial settlement of conflicts
  • participation in the court processes, etc.


Legal support will be required when the division of property, allocation of a share or shares, land, probate in Spain and the entry to the right, when making a donation (taking into account particular legislation of the country).


Marbella Project Group will help simplify this whole process, by dealing with all the legal requirements which can be lengthly and complicated (especially with transactions that involve large sums of money) We also maximize the the speed in which we collect and process all the necessary documentation. The company’s specialists provide free consultations, during which clients explain features and possible difficulties of the transaction, agree legal support at all stages of the negotiations of the parties to exclude fraud, etc.

For many years we have worked closely with a number of highly professional and well-established lawyers.

If there was a controversial situation and the conflict must be resolved on favorable terms in the pretrial order, to do without the help of a specialist is impossible. Requires an individual approach with a detailed study and taking into account all the details of the case. The attorney will represent clients in court, defending his rights and interests by all lawful means. Experienced graduate will tell you exactly how to do it and what to do in this situation