«We recomend you to visit Marbella, Spain — Why?»

This prestigious resort like Marbella, could not be formed from nothing. In this case, the starting point was the unique climate, unique in its kind.

Protected from the North by a mountain range, Marbella all year round is dominated by warm air masses coming from the sea. Because of this, the average annual temperature is 19 degrees. Not exhausting in the summer heat very comfortable 28. The sun pleases the presence of 320 days a year. And this grace is laced with a cocktail of sea and mountain air, the incredible variety of plants and stunning views.

Together with its satellite cities ( Mijas, Puerto Banus, Benahavis, San Pedro) Marbella stretches for 24 kilometers along the Mediterranean coast filled with beaches, restaurants, yacht clubs and Golf courses. Around the same focused absolutely different in its essence of a place, the neighborhood which between them seems unbelievable.
On the one hand is an abundance of historical and cultural monuments located in what is called «hand» — Granada, Sevilla, Ronda, Cordoba, Cadiz, Jeres… immediately hid brand Cibraltar English pub and a casino. The Atlantic coast with its unique nature, beaches and surfing. Warm? Then to ski in the Sierra Nevada… Frozen? You are going to Africa, in the face of Morocco with its unique color… one and a half hours on the ferry.

Like any self-respecting luxury resort ( Marbella, certainly one of them), it’s filled with a whole range of different options for not only the holidays but everyday life.
Golf and yacht trips, a wide variety of restaurants and shops, fitness and SPA, fully equipped beaches and excursions, concert venues and night clubs for every taste. All this is available all year round.

An important factor for many people who move to live in Marbella, is the ability of the children to European education. The density of schools is one of the most advanced places in Europe. For children of all ages will enjoy the German, Swedish, Spanish, American and of course British schools. If you do not want to interrupt the Russian education, the Russian school offers.
As permanent residence Marbella choose so many famous and rich people from around the world that will agree, about the quality of life.