Sport activities in Marbella

Sports and Leisure

The Marbella/Estepona area offers a wide range of sports activities, including traditional sports such as basketball, football, tennis and all kinds of water sports from Estepona Marina. Other sports such as paddle-tennis, fitness, horse riding and adventure sports have become very popular and can also be found in or nearby Estepona. Continue reading «Sport activities in Marbella»

«We recomend you to visit Marbella, Spain — Why?»

This prestigious resort like Marbella, could not be formed from nothing. In this case, the starting point was the unique climate, unique in its kind.

Protected from the North by a mountain range, Marbella all year round is dominated by warm air masses coming from the sea. Because of this, the average annual temperature is 19 degrees. Not exhausting in the summer heat very comfortable 28. The sun pleases the presence of 320 days a year. And this grace is laced with a cocktail of sea and mountain air, the incredible variety of plants and stunning views. Continue reading ««We recomend you to visit Marbella, Spain — Why?»»